Sunday, November 2, 2008

On the fly

When life gives you sniffles, make pizza. Isn't that the old adage. With a serious cougher and a semi-serious sniffler we decided that today wasn't go skating in the afternoon day. I felt fine but would have felt horrible taking off by myself to go to a family skate. Especially since I had already put in 3 hours at the office. This meant we stayed at home. So what do when your afternoon plans are squashed. You make pizza dough.This afternoon the wife threw down the gauntlet and said, "could I do the toppings today?" I mean sure she has been working with a profesional baker, and sure the pizza she brings home from work is delicious, but I mean I got my thing going. Pizza making is my thing. I am not about to give up one of the key factors of my me-ness. Well what the heck. I still got to make the dough and the sauce and I did the pizza inning and outing from the oven. So what if the wife takes over topping duties. Best case scenario has her special gifts adding to my workman like performance and things go up a notch. This was a best case scenario. (disregard the son's expression. He was smelling the potpourri.) The wife did her cheese on the bottom, careful dispensing of toppings, careful ladling of sauce (which I had managed to make thick) over my thrown and stretched, pre-seasoned crusts. The result was awesome. Her first adult pizza was a zucchini, olive, red pepper affair. I snipped up some of our home dried chili peppers over half of it and the result was awesome. Then her second pizza was even better. The mushroom, spinach, olive combination turned me right around (not to mention the crust was pretty close to perfect). So all in all a good night. I have to head back to work for a bit but I have really enjoyed this weekend. Whoops I forgot to mention the veggies and dip that was also whipped up with this evenings meal. A nice balance which increased the vegetable intake thus limiting the pizza intake. Net result. Lots of pizza for lunch tomorrow. Oh yeah, baby.

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