Friday, October 31, 2008

Candy Man.

Well we did our the usual tour of the neighbourhood this evening and the kidlets are now reaping the rewards of not having other little kids living around us. We were greeted with not just handfuls but sometimes small bag fulls of candy. Every year there is a bonfire and fireworks on Halloween here in town. Some people donate money to put it on and then they get a coupon that they can post in their window. The coupon means, "I paid at the office," so you don't go up to those houses. Two of our direct neighbours have those coupons but we still go there anyways. These neighbours make a special compensation for our two little ones. It is a nice warm feeling. We really do live here. Four years in and it is starting to feel like home.You may be wondering about last night's blog. Well I was out with the boys carousing and I gotta say I feel a lot worse for wear today. I felt like total crap this morning. But it was a good night.

The other big activity today was driving over the pass to meet our Midwife. We met her. She was nice. She told us all about everything. We asked some questions. The kids got to use the baby heart rate hearing thing. Everyone got to try it on their own chest. It was quite a different feel then going to a doctor. I think its going to be good. The drive is only an hour and a half. February is a tough time of year to make the drive but that's life. Everything is going well so far.

The son managed to elude being photographed in his superman costume. Sneaky little monkey.

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Dora said...

I want to see superman!