Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Out and About

So I didn't sit down and eat with the family today as the elementary school had their bonfire night. I arrived post work at the same time as the family and we all had a nice stand around the bonfire. I guess it is a sign of living somewhere for a while when the small talk starts to be less laboured. The wife and I had some hot chocolate while the kids ran around and played with the other kids. In spite of the minus temperatures they had a good time. The son was mostly pushed around but did some fighting back. He really seemed to be having a good time so I tried not to intervene. After Santa came and gave out little candy canes I was done so we came home. On the home front we read the Barbar teaches French book as a bed time story. The key phrase for tonight was ,"le petit dejeuner est delicieux." The daughter is worried she will have forgotten it by breakfast but isn't that the joy of learning a new language. Re learning it every day there after. Tomorrow is Thursday and we are not leaving town, hurray. I do however have to referee four basketball games this weekend. I need to tie my hand to the side of my body so that I can stop volunteering for stuff.

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