Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lunch and Dinner

Well today I thought I would share a picture of my lunch. I really think the cute Japanese Bento box makes the meal. I was fortunate enough to have leftovers, meatballs, some of the lovely soup stew from Sunday night on one side and home made onigiri, with a green salad on the other. I truly relish these lunches. I feel like a king while I eat them. I especially like my lunch on the days when I go to the staff room and get heckled. The hecklers are always green with envy so I just smile and wave. Life is good.Do to staff meeting feed (I promised my self I would not consume to much but then I was over served, I mean five slices of pizza, get a grip) I was not in on this evenings meal but they managed to have ebi furai and age dashi tofu. I am actually shaking my head in disbelief at the amazingness of my wife, hold on while I go and give her a kiss on the forehead (she is currently having a bath with the kids)... She is great to kiss too.
So other than that it is Tuesday night and there are only four weeks of school before the winter break. If I keep my head down I am pretty sure I can make it through. Just gotta keep the head down.

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