Friday, October 3, 2008

Not too much thanks.

Before dinner the kids were watching a video. The son had no intention of eating dinner and was really quite put out that I had stopped the video.
I was feeling very tired of dealing with situation and didn't have any energy to deal with it. I sat for a moment looking for a way out.
Then suddenly an opportunity presented it self. The daughter hung off my arm and then fell to the ground. My son did the same and suddently everything was all better.
So we went to the table and everyone had some leftover noodle soup and a very simple, cabbage and ground beef stir fry over rice. Everyone except me. I had been snacking and eating all day at the conference we had today so even though it is 9:15 and I didn't eat dinner I still feel stuffed.
After dinner the daughter was feeling it again and managed to give us a couch assisted hand stand. The wife on the other hand wanted to point out her handy work. Asides from making dinner today was a bread day. With some of the dough she and the daughter made some fun bread.These are an-pan. I especially like the smiley faces. Today's bread experiment was not using any oil. The bread did not rise in its usual way but that just means you need to slice it on a diagonal instead of straight up and down. It is still better than anything you can buy. Its the love you see, you can actually taste the love baked right in.


Allison said...

I am loving the pic of you an kohei

Dora said...

That was great. Is the Kohei upset photo real? Because he really turns it around in the photo with you.

Fall Garlic said...

Oh it was real alright. Now there was a time lapse between the photos but it was a miracle turn around.