Sunday, October 5, 2008

The day after

So there was no post last night. I know. We went out for dinner. We ate at the Collander in Trail. It is a Trail institution. Big spaghetti feed type place. All the pasta you can polish if you order spaghetti. The wife had a Italian chicken dinner. The daughter had the lasagna and the son ate off of my plate. You are allowed to share someones plate until you are four.

Anyways here comes this evenings meal. The wife put together a wicked tofu, rice casserole. It was supposed to contain either salmon or shrimp but all she had was a can of tuna so that was how it was made. Baked cheesy crust over tofu and rice in a white sauce. Seasoned with sea salt and pepper and a ginger, onion, garlic, mushroom sautee. The tuna and some bok choy added a little more flavour and colour. Upon reflection the wife recalls adding some miso. The salad had some of our tomatoes layered over lettuce and carrots. The onion vinegar dressing was awesome as usual. The only problem with this meal was the order in which I ate it. The miso soup was quite muted and though brimming with veggies did not have the flavour explosion. My problem was that I had finished off my salad with that crazy strong dressing.
Anyways, it was a great sunday evening dinner and was followed by some butterscotch ripple ice cream.

On a different note as dinner started the son was on the phone with his aunt. He was going on and on about something and she seemed to enjoy the conversation. This is how he looked while talking.

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Dora said...

Love it! I can't believe I made the blog...sort of. And he looks so cute. You realise that this is the best album you are ever going to be able to give your kids? Let's hope blogger is never shutdown. You need to keep all these great memories somewhere.