Saturday, October 18, 2008

Messing around

So today we combed out the 80's hair do and got some serious volume. Here is a picture of the daughter from behind.
No wait this is actually from the front. You can see below where we have moved the hair to one side. Personally I think she looks like a young Cousin Itt from the Adams Family.Kind of a spooky looking picture. There was also kind of a spooky incident today. The daughter picked up the phone, talked to the person on the other end and then hung up. She has had her first friend friend phone call with no parent interference. How far away is the day we have to get call waiting. Lets hope she doesn't figure out msn messenger for another 10 years. We will call this the beginning of the end. However, there are still the good times. This picture is of the two of them playing Doraemon. He is a 22nd century cat whose front pocket goes to a fifth dimension where he stores everything, and I mean everything. The kids here have stuffed these bags full of stuff and are pretending to be doraemon and dorami-chan, doreamon's sister.

Oh yeah we also had dinner this evening. It was a pizza night. Not super pleased with the result. The sauce was a little thin (I didn't add any salt and used fresh tomatoes) I used more dough in an effort to do something [ed. at the time of posting the author still had no idea what exactly he was trying to do]. The salami on the pizza above was a hot salami. It added a nice punch but the final vegetarian was pretty bland. I gotta get back to mushrooms on top. Its where they belong. How can I keep forgetting that. The kids pizza pictured below was acceptable but it was noted that you really need to dip this guy in some pizza sauce to really enjoy it. I also over cooked the pizzas trying to get a firmer edge. My pizza oven cooks well in the back and almost as well in the front. So I am trying to spin the pizza half way through to get that all over effect. I am just waiting to long post spin. Time to start working on the timing.


Jason said...

so cute, the food looks delicious too!

Fall Garlic said...

My first non family friend comment other than that one by some moen sales guy. How cool.