Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saying no can be good.

Someone should have told Sarah Palin this. I have been very much out of the media loop for the last 3 years so the fact that I didn't realise Sarah Palin was insane until yesterday isn't as bad as it seems. Okay, how the SNL crew talked her into that wickedly funny parody is beyond me. Does Palin really believe that any press is good press. Then I watched all those Katie Couric interviews. Brutal, brutal, brutal. I can see where Matt Damon would get steamed up enough to circulate that lambasting he gives her. In the womans defense she must have something going on up there but it sure doesn't show. I have to think that McCain was searching and searching and no one wanted the job and he called her up and she didn't think, "why is this guy calling me?" She had a big enough ego to think she was the best choice for Vice President, even though she seems to know nothing about foreign policy, economics, or how to answer a question posed by the press. She should have said No. I mean really. I hate to say this but she makes Dan Quayle look like a political genius. The scariest thing is that Damon is right. Should the Republicans win she has a 50/50 shot at running the country some time in the next four years. Strange days indeed, most peculiar mama.

Things back here at the ranch are still moving along well. The kidlets went to a birthday party today. Dad and kids made the cards and shopped the presents yesterday so I let mom go for the ride along today. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I mean who doesn't have a good time when you score a loot bag.
The wife made up some spring rolls for dinner. These are the heavy duty spring rolls. You eat one and you are fullish. You eat two and you are stuffed. I held myself up at one, seeing as I had had a pre-dinner snack. Not a good habit if you were wondering. The rolls were accompanied by a cucumber and bok choy salad and some miso soup. Now that fall is here the miso soup really hits the spot. After some late afternoon trampolining I was feeling a little chilled. The miso put it all to rights.

And once again we back around at Monday. Will this roller coaster never stop. I think we need like a 20 day week with a 7 day weekend. Think about it.

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