Friday, October 17, 2008

Crazy Hair Day.

That is what happens when kids have to go to school on a Friday here. Their hair goes crazy. We spent about half an hour last night braiding in the yarn. It seemed to have gone over pretty well. She now has an square pegs type perm going. Very 80s.

For dinner this evening we went back to the Land of the Lentils. We had home made veggie burgers. For those who want to know, here is how it went down. Last night as I skulked around the kitchen looking for the dreaded 10:30 snack I found a bowl of lentils covered in water. By 11:30 when I went to bed the water had all evaporated and the lentils had grown, weird. Today the wife fried up some onions and mushrooms. Then she put the lentils in with them and either boiled or steamed the mixture until it was soft. This was then mixed. A can of chick peas was food processed until is was smooth. This was added to the lentil mushroom mixture. Finally salt, pepper, garlic powder and fresh cilantro were added. The mixture was formed into patties and fried in a pan. The rest of the dinner consisted of nachos and salsa and a green salad. What a great way to start the weekend. I think I'm gonna get me a beer. Cheers.

Ps. Anyone else having to wait an eternity to upload pictures to Blogger.

Pps. The pictures I couldn't get up with last nights post are finally up.

Ppps. The son had to have his picture taken this morning too. Notice his lack of crazy hair. It must be an elementary school thing.

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Allison said...

How is it that your son has a tiny WVSS basketball warm-up top to wear. That is so weird! Cute pics. I have had some issue with blogger photo recently as well.