Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've been had.

So this evening was my turn to work late and have dinner at work. Sure that was a fairly nice dinner catered in from the local perogie place. And I like a nice kielbasa as much as the next guy but they were having this at home.

I mean home made karage (prounounciation: Car -ahh -gay) just doesn't happen every day. There is something just amazing about the deep fried, garlicy, seasoned goodness of karage that cannot be beat. And when it is made in your home and you can sneak a few sizzling hot pieces while the last batch is still in the wok then more power to you. However, I did not find out that there was karage for dinner today this morning. I did not even find out at 8:45 when I finally got home this evening. I found out three minutes before the daughter went to be and told me what she had had for dinner. So of course I just nibbled some from the fridge. Even cold it is the doughnut to my homer. I am praying that I get some in my lunch tomorrow. One can only hope. There must have been side dishes this evening but as everyone is now asleep and this was the only pic taken you will have to fill in the rest using your imagination. Some rice dish... Maybe a green salad... Miso soup perhaps.... MMmmmmmmm...

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