Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This evenings meal was made that much better by the amazing use of colour. The salad had so many different vibrant colours. The purple cabbage, orange carrots, yellow tomatoes, light green lettuce and dark green spring onions. Set next to this was the stewed squash which was covered in adzuki beans. They start red and then head towards purple as they are cooked. These are the very beans out of which anko is made. This is the filling that fills the toasted bun head of An-Pan man. Anyways enough links, back to dinner. The fish and koya-dofu were simmered in a sweet ginger and soy sauce mixture and then served over rice. The soup on the side was a freezer find from from a couple of months ago. It was just as good as when we first had it.

We also had our parent teacher interview today with the Grade one teachers. There was a major scheduling kerfuffle (I just checked the spelling) and we had to go back a second time but in the end all was good. The daughter is doing as should be expected. Both teachers noted her above average oral ability. I need to stop pushing on going up to a new level in basic reader. That was about the extent of it. They say by the end of grade one she will be reading and writing on her own. It seems impossible where we are now but I guess that is why they are the professionals and we are the parents. I leave it up to them.

Well that is all for tonight. Oh the response from the hotel lady was, and I quote, "thatissuchabummer..." C'est la vie.

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