Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am not a Turkey

However, I managed to cook one up quite nicely this evening. I even went with my own version of stuffing. The wife wanted lean ground pork rather than sausage meat and who am I to dicker. I recall an experiment my mother tried a number of years ago with water chestnuts and thought that might be nice. I don' t know where the apples and raisins came from but it may have been the radio yesterday. Someone talking about goose perhaps. After that it was bread crumbs, cooked rice, salt, pepper and some sage type seasoning which we have in our cupboard. All in all I really enjoyed it. Not as heavy as my mom's stuffing but still passable. We cooked the turkey using a meat thermometer and though we may have cooked it a bit longer than necessary there was no way it wasn't done. I think our oven cooks at a lower temperature than it reads. Good to know.
Other than the turkey and stuffing we also had roasted yam and potatoes, brussel sprouts, gravy, cranberry sauce and a lovely mixed green salad. We planned to make mashed turnip too, only we forgot to take it out of the oven where it was warming. Should be good for tomorrow. The meal was followed by the wicked awesome pumpkin pie the wife made yesterday. It was truly great. How great you may ask. The daughter after being convinced to try it had a second slice. This from one who normally shows tremendous disdain for squash of any kind in any meal. We had three guests this evening. A friend from town who doesn't have family around these parts and my mom and her man. Everything was on the table by 5:30 ish. By 7:00 we had finished pie in time for the Canucks. Who won I might add. Damn fine night.

I know Thanksgiving should really be either Sunday or Monday, but this way, as my mom pointed out, we don't have to cook tomorrow. Crafty with a dash of panache. Nice work ma.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Dinner sounds good. I had a deli thanksgiving dinner last week because I knew I would be missing out. It was okay. Yours looked a lot better.