Sunday, October 12, 2008

All in one day.

So I woke up this morning to the sound of pancakes being made. Then I found my daughter styling my mother's hair. We had cinnamon buns, fruit salad and pancakes with the honey my mom brought from the dutch place in Keremeos. Very good breakfast but I ate a little too much this would be a theme today. Quick aside. I took this book out of the local library. Some guy did a research project on names and his basic premise is the consonant sounds in a name affect the way people see us. Certain consonants resonate with certain words and when we act accordingly we are positively reinforced by those around us. Thus we end up being the people our names say we should be. It sounds like a load of crap but some peoples name descriptions were surprisingly spot on. Especially my moms. So that was a nice point of discussion this weekend. Back to the food.
For lunch we broke out a pumpernickel loaf the wife brought back from the bakery. This was sliced and then filled with turkey, some lovely swiss goat cheese (see. Keremeos) and other left over tidbits. We also whipped up some nachos to go with the guacamole the wife made and some of our salsa. Shouldn't have had the third sandwich.
Then there was dinner. It was like last nights dinner all over again with two major exceptions. We had the turnip this evening and it was great. Also I had seconds.
As for todays outings we went for a bike ride this morning. We took the long way to a coffee shop down town. The daughter made it the whole way there. Can you see it coming. After having hot chocolate and coffee and chatting the daughter decided she couldn't sit on the seat any more. It hurt she said. So the wife got the kid trailer and both kids while I rode one handed carrying the daughter's bike. It was a heavy bike when we bought it. By the time I got home it weighed at least four times as much. On the bright side my arms are longer. I'd help you with that but someone stepped on all of my fingers. I said I'm sorry.

Then this afternoon before dinner we went the park at the school near our house. We played frisbee, soccer, ran around on the climbing thing, swung like monkeys on the jungle gym and I gave my son the ride of a life time. We didn't get a picture of the one where I dropped him.

Because I didn't drop him. Damn worriers. Finally this is mum and Harry enjoying the sun. It so nice having them here. Just wish it could have been longer. Thankfully, it always seems that way with guests.


sleep(y) student said...

I am GREEN with jealousy! Have a great weekend and let the short people know that there are two boxes on my dining room table that are being shipped to canada this week.... so they better watch the mail:)

Happy Thanksgiving:)

Dora said...

Love the photo! Amazing and a total keepsake since you can actually see him laughing. Sounds like a great weekend. Can't wait to see you all on your next visit to the big city.

von grudegin said...

I am going to put in my two cents. no naming the next baby a name that starts with a K or everyone will think you two are crazy. just a thought.