Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh for Two.

So last night we ate dinner but it was a haphazard affair as there was some TV watching and other stuff going on and well it just never got to that point where the camera came out. I did have some of that lovely stew again and there was some potato chip action but nothing of note really. This evening if you can imagine it was even less inspired.

The wife after a day at the bakery came home with a monster baguette, some muffins and cinnamon buns and pizza slices that were consumed for lunch. As for dinner I was in charge of slicing the baguette, ladling some of the kids salsa over it and then topping with cheese. These went over well so I sliced up some potatoes and made some french fries. Fortunately, I didn't manage to get those home fries burning. (Nothing like an anagram joke) I was thoroughly filled up by the dinner and the numerous glasses of water I consumed. However, you can probably tell by the daughters expression that she was looking for something a little more filling. This in spite of having like 7 slices of the pizza toast and a really good portion of the french fries. I think it was actually a cry for dessert but it fell on mostly deaf ears. In other news, the wife made two pumpkin pies today using our very own squash. They look to have turned out perfectly. What else happened today. Oh yeah we went ice skating. The daughter and son tried out their new skates and I worked with a crappy pair of rentals. I think I need to upgrade to something I can bring myself. Asides from paying the criminal charge of $3 to skate around in the tupperware I was offered today, I most likely won't grow out of any pair of skates I buy thus making the investment much more enticing. The daughter loves being out there and it looks like the skating lessons will not interfere with dance after all. All in all a good day. We even managed to get in a bike ride and though the son is still not blowing anyone's doors off he can actually get to somewhere. No more half hour for 2 blocks action.

Granma and Harry arrive tomorrow and they are bringing their bikes and appetites. Sorry for those who were expecting ma to serve up some turkey at the coast. Maybe next year.

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