Thursday, October 16, 2008

Double Shot

So I didn't eat at home last night and then fell asleep on the couch after arriving home and joining in the hurly burly post dinner movie watching. Then after waking to find the wife passed out I spent a good while reading a chapter of Harry Potter: The prisoner of Azhkabahn[right beside turkmenistan] Then, with kidlets tucked in I realised I hadn't eaten dinner at home and there probably wasn't a picture so I didn't blog. Of course I was wrong.

The wife pulled out some filo pastry and made turkey curry puff pie. (Note: It was not turkey curry filling but a spicy veggie mix made from lentils and others)I of course had a lunch time course of this and it was awesome today cold in my lunch meaning it was probably a thousand times better warm for dinner.

This evening we were treated to turkey curry over rice. I have a sneaking suspicion this was the very same turkey curry that filled my lunch but I don't have the DNA proof.(note above clears up the debate). Where are those CSI guys when you need them. Heck I would settle for the CSA guys. Everything would at least be safe.

During the meal and then afterwards with ice-cream the perfectly ripe pineapple chunks were a very tangy treat. My tongue is still savouring their passing. Gotta love it when those leaves just pull right out of the top. I only learned that ripeness trick recently. And here is my six year old daughter spouting it back to me. Imagine, a whole life time of ripe pineapple ahead of her. I just need to steer her away from the 100 mile diet or put her on a boat to Hawaii. But that can wait.

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