Thursday, October 23, 2008

At least half cooked

The raw men we ran into today were actually quite well cooked. We lunched at a noodle shop and enjoyed some nice bowls of ramen with some rice balls and gyoza on the side. We also were afforded the warming companionship of one o' my sisters. Easily worth the price of admission. We then got to check out her new digs. I am sure she will work her way up to a window in record time. Its just her way.After lunch we went to the park at the Mount Pleasant Community center. I really like days like that. Middle of the work week and I am walking around without a care in the world. Like the run I went on this morning. I love seeing people doing their jobs while I don't do mine. Or the other people not doing jobs. Are they indepedently wealthy? Are they out of work? Living off their parents? Maybe they have night jobs and just get to enjoy that part of the day. Anyways we had a nice time at the park. At one point a shark bit off the lower half of my leg. My daughter ingeniously used some glue to glue it back on. It turns out that it is special glue. She told me the blood could still get through. There is some serious detail being added to our imaginative play these days.

Post park we headed back to my mom's. Who we are currently sponging off of her for our weekend. On the way we stopped to pick up fixings for tomorrow nights Japanese curry dinner. As the kids were both asleep I managed to catch a few winks in the front seat while listening to CBC. The wife did the leg work and headed in for the groceries. I don't know how long we slept in the car but the program had changed and the wife looked apologetic when she arrived back at the car. Who cares, I am on vacation.

Dinner was the same as last night with the wonderful addition of Nachos and guacamole, also there were fresh veggies with humus. Tack on a bottle of red wine and some discussion about life and its variety and we had a great night.

I am not kidding by the way when I say there will be pictures. There will be eventually.

(two days later) Okay I lied. I never managed to take a picture of the spaghetti and sauce.

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