Monday, October 13, 2008

Holiday Monday

Lets start with a big shout out to everyone who blogged today. Lovin it. As for me, I actually went in to work today. Two hours of marking and one hour of prep. This was followed by 40 minutes on the stationary bike. The wife and I managed to get a yoga session in this morning. There are some moves she just can't do anymore but was more than game and was obviously way better than me at everything she could do. Is yoga meant to be competitive? Gotta gotta gotta get into that yoga routine.

As for the meal this evening it was leftover-ish.

We were treated to some lovely soba this evening. It was served with a lovely soup, you guessed it, of Turkish extraction. We also had a great green salad. Right before we sat down to eat my son staged a mini coup and he and the daughter ended up also having a cheese omelette, (he calls it a cheesy egg, the daughter who loves the cheese calls it an eggy cheese, when she remembers). Then those of us who were interested had some of the last slices of pumpkin pie. A home hair cut, tooth brushing, book reading later the kids are in bed and its only 8:30. Who knows what we will get up to. Maybe throw around some possible names. Listen to some CBC. It is exciting times here.

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