Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whoops I did it again

So note to self. If at all in doubt go to the elementary school to pick up daughter after school. I got really hectic today after school seeing as I was supposed to get right home so the wife could go for a run. People kept getting in my way and side tracking me and I didn't make it home until 4:10. At which point the wife says, where is daughter. So I get in the car and head back to the elementary school and there is daughter, one of the last 8 kids playing in the playground and I am feeling like such the wicked bad parent. She seemed a little down but then we came home and played some hopscotch and she had had a really good first whole day at school. None of this assuages the massive guilt I am feeling but at least she didn't seem too put out. I honestly do not remember getting the command to pick up the daughter. It may have been an implied command or I may have just totally missed it but nevertheless I go back to the fall back position. When in doubt go straight to the elementary school. If she isn't there then I can head home. Just gotta in grain that one in the brain.

On a different topic we did have dinner today. It was a sort of a medley, leftover this, new side dish that, some assorted what not. It was nicely topped off with the boarder asking his running buddy over for dinner,(this buddy is also my buddy and one of our running buddies) and they drank beers and hung out while I started bath time and headed back to work. Anyways back to dinner. The overexposed white stuff down front is tofu steak. The noodle salad had ham, broccoli and carrots. The curry is from way back and was just nice over rice, and then the sprouts, onions and mushroom fry was lovely although in the picture it isn't as appetizing as I remember it. I managed to stay away from seconds and after the wood chopping this afternoon and a whole day on my feet, I believe the calorie balance is finally heading in the right direction. Hope all is well and everyone e-mails me about winter holiday plans. With us four, five sis's one ma, and some significant others we may be over 12 but it is only $15 a day for overages and I don't know if the kids even count. Lets hope this plan comes together.

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