Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fabulous First

Well the first day of the school year went great. After the walk to school as a twosome my daughter had a great day in grade one. A colleague of mine was in her school and commented on how pretty she looked, the daughters response, "Don't I" honestly I have no idea where she gets it from. She also introduced one of her friends to the teacher when the teacher asked the other little girl her name. Talk about having to be in the middle of everything. As for my son these are his tonsils. Gotta find a higher shelf for the digital camera. The batteries are already low again and I just changed them. On the food front we had an awesome day. There were boxed lunches for the whole family. I could get used to this. And then dinner was an amazing assortment of dishes. The miso soup is pretty standard, there was a mostly from the garden green salad which had the left over feta crumbled over it. There was a slightly spicy, potato and vegetable stir fry and there were home made gyoza served over rice. So good I didn't even have chips and salsa. The amazing dinner along with my 7 k run today and I am feeling like a king. The only down side was not getting in my afternoon nap. How many days is it till christmas vacation?


Allison said...

if our broke ass family had ever had a digital camera you just know that brother david would have taken these types of pictures. awesome.

glad the first day of school went well.

hayato said...

gyoza dumpling, your girl's favourite!!looks sooooo yummy

and you know what! i am watching forgetting sarah marshall and im in the middle of it enjoying the story so far.