Thursday, September 25, 2008

Treats Night

Well it is Thursday so it must be treat night. However, I will start with a breakdown of this days events. The son went to an orchard and farm today with his preschool class. He had a great time, tormented some chickens, and came home with his very own, "princess pumpkin." Pretty cute. It is really an amazing thing when your children start to move out into the world and have experiences without you. The amount of passion he puts into his story telling is awesome. He never remembers everything but the things he remembers obviously had a great impact. The daughter went to a Terry Fox run with the rest of her school. She did eight laps and was very proud of that fact. As it was a rainy sort of day I was met by the whole family when I went to pick up the daughter after school. It was a nice drive home but that walk home on a Thursday is something I am starting to enjoy. No hurry. I bring some change to buy a treat. Good times.

As for dinner this evening the wife decided to push the envelope. She made spinach pastries. Now the fillo came in a box but it was still great. She had some left over and decided to make curry pastry baskets with the left over curry. It was too juicy and they had to be lifted out of the pan with a spoon but they were oh so good.
The french fries were home made and the pasta salad was a leftover item but that never seems to detract and it was again a superb meal. The daughter ate the meal with two teeth missing as before dinner she asked me to pull out the other wiggly one. It gave her a little pain but after a pull forward, the twist got the job done. It was well on its way so I didn't have to inflict that much pain.
After dinner I felt like this. I was pretty wiped out. However, Mom mentioned that we should get cookies or make cookies. Well the daughter picked that one up and ran with it. So inspite of feeling like the picture below, we decided to make brownies.
And they turned out pretty well. We used a recipe from a Christmas cooking magazine the wife got last year. I think the brownies were meant to be firmer than ours are but all in all they are delish. Very very sweet. We ate them while the brownies were still hot and the icing though cooled kind of got melty on top. Wow. The extra coloured m&m tinies add something nice visually.
As part of the deal the daughter helped with the dishes post cooking. This wasn't in the original deal but she seemed to understand the value of saying yes she would do it. She actually did a lot of the work for the brownies. My level of patience was not very high so I probably had a few more mildly explosive moments than I should have. Put those in the parent guilt jar. I am saving up for some massive inappropriate gift. I wonder if she will ever know why she got it.
Brush teeth, book time, bed time here. Deep exhale. I am sleeping in tomorrow. At least until 7:30.

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