Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still cooking

Although we didn't tonight. What with the pressures of school, meetings, marking and such I just haven't had the time or energy to get the evenings meal and story up. Fortunately there is no evening meal this evening as we went to a BBQ at the kids school. It is the welcome back BBQ and it is nice to see everyone a year older and wiser(hopefully). These are the people we will grow up with as parents. Same christmas concerts, same sports days, same swimming lessons, and so on and so on. But since we didn't take a camera you are not going to be privy to what we ate this evening. Instead I will catch you up on the last few nights.

Monday, September 22nd.

I was home for this meal, I remember it like it was two days ago, which it was. The shrimp and tomato sauce pasta with crumbled feta cheese was awesome. I really think there is something to be said for minimalist sauces. I remember thinking that a big meaty, thick, tomato sauce was the bomb. However, eating lighter and enjoying the flavours individually is growing on me. Especially when you have stuffed eggplant as the meal partner. I do not know which was the main and which the side so I will let you decide. The eggplant had a lovely stuffing which I do not believe had any meat in it. There was definitely parsley and onion but after that I really couldn't tell you. I can tell you that finding some in my lunch on Tuesday was a real delight.Unfortunately, on Tuesday we had a doctors appointment and then I was back to work for a dinner meeting. We had chinese food from the local joint (its across the street from work) and it was good but it couldn't compare to the curry that was whipped up at our house. I know because this was the feature entree in my lunch today. A big tupperware full of curry and rice with a small tupperware of coleslaw. With one of our home grown apples as my snack it was another fabulous lunch time meal. I know my colleagues envy me but I sure hope it never goes so far as someone stealing my lunch. I would hate to make that kind of a life death decision for someone else on an empty stomach.
Well I need me sleep. Hope you and yours are well and don't forget. Tomorrow is Thursday. Its not that far away.

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Rachel Catriona said...

You get a lot more traffic than I do. I need to be more consistent - and delicious ! - in my posts.

Sorry I ignored your call. Deandra of film school fame was over and we caught up for many hours. It was good.

I made roasted veggies (fennel, red onion, asparagus and squash) and chicken wings.