Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday News

Well after blogging last night I played some online poker while listening to comedians on an internet radio station. After the tournament finished I lay down for a bit while still listening and actually fell asleep on the couch only to be woken by my irate daughter. It seems that my staying awake listening to the radio all night kept the tooth fairy from coming to our house. I will definitely not make that mistake again tonight. I am sure the tooth fairy will notice when I go to bed and she will remember to come by. Fingers are crossed.

As for the rest of the day I got caught up on some important sleep. We went for an ultrasound and after consulting with our doctor post exam it looks a little boy might come and live at our house next February. It isn't 100% but we are definitely thinking in that direction. Post hospital visit we went to the library, bank, and farmers market. We deposited some money, picked up grapes and prune plums and got some books and videos. I hope you can figure out which activity happened where. Then it was off to the grocery store for some chili fixings.
We used our home grown toms for the sauce and it had a really nice sweet chili flavour. I made a hot addition on the side and that brought the temperature up nicely. The green salad was nice and we made more garlic bread with our own garlic. Once again all the taste without the bite. I managed to get three pieces of brownie into my mouth before having to slap the back of my hand and cover it up. The chili was split, some for lunch tomorrow, a big bucket for another dinner/lunch sometime in the future. It was a good Friday but I have to spend some time at work this weekend. C'est domage.

By the way we have a boy's name that we like right now. Lets see if we still like it in a couple of weeks.


Allison said...

Hebi-kun (come on, "snake boy", how great would that be!)
Daisuke - meaning great helper -nice combo of David and the meaning of Sayoko's name
Eiji - excellent second son
Akihiro or Akihito
Atsushi - I think it sounds like hot sushi
Fumio - I think you have to become a latin j-pop star with this name
Fugo - like Hugo but Japanese
Hiroki - abundant joy and strength
Isamu - I knew this great guy named Isamu in Japan (hard name to screw up in English)
Raiden - Japanese good of thunder and lightning (I really like this)
Kichiro - lucky son

Two sons would be great, ne?

Dora said...

I still think you should still name them all Ks.
I don't think I can believe it is a boy just considering the ration in our own family and how much you look like dad.
Either way I am pumped for February. Not sure how/when I will get up to GF to see the new one as Feb and March are going to be crazy here but I will make it work.