Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall has fallen

So with the cookout done and the garden mostly finished I woke to the sound of rain this morning. It has not rained in the last three weeks and has felt like August the whole time. Today it feels like September. I carried an umbrella when I went to work. I wore a jacket (still wearing shorts however). A chill was in the air. And what better way to take on that chill then to stew up some chicken and potatoes and make a corn chowder. The wife started off heading towards a teriyaki style chicken but with a little prodding ended up here.Kind of a sweet base but for me it was perfect. The chicken tasted like chicken. I mean it was cooked through and through, moist, falling off the bone chicken and was just very lightly flavoured. The potatoes were lovely even though they just tasted like potato. I mean the stewing juice definitely added something but it was almost intangible. The soup was made with an assortment of vegetables and then a creamed corn base. It was also a little sweet and the warmth of it filling up my stomach turned aside the chill of the day. The hijiki had some of our home grown beet in it for a little flare. The rice was unbleached and just soaked up the sweet stew juice. A great meal to usher in the fall. The peppers are all hanging outside and the not quite ripe tomatoes are down in the cellar. Gotta get back to work.

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