Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spicy Bean Pie

Well it is Tuesday which is hump day here in the Forks. After a long but mostly successful day I remembered to pick the daughter after school. One for me. It was 31 degrees on the way home and the daughter was not loving the fact we made her wear tights this morning but we did make it home. After a bit of play and what not, oh yeah we made a poster of a bird with all the feathers we have found on the way to school in the morning, we had dinner. This was the spicy bean pie. Not chilli, not curry, but spicy none the less. It was sided with a green salad and some borscht from our neighbour across the street. I liked it but once again the wife was not loving it. She felt it would have been better with the filling wrapped in a tortilla or served with rice. I offered up wrapped in a tortilla with rice. We finished undecided but I get to have it again for lunch tomorrow. Lucky, lucky. Well off to bed.

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