Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Roll it up, I'll take it.

I finally got the skinny on the wicked dinners. The wife has decided she wants to get everything done before lunch. She makes the wicked lunches that I and the daughter take to school in the morning or possibly the night before from the leftovers. Then once we are out the door she starts in on dinner. By the way she also makes her and the son's lunch when we get our bentos. So by 10:30 she is done cooking for the day. She's happy, I am ecstatic and the kids are fed.
This evening we had some really nice cabbage rolls. Once again the tomato sauce was from the garden, can you believe it is still in the 30s when I walk home from school between 3:30 and 5:00. I have stopped watering everything but the last of the tomatoes are still ripening up as I type. So good, so sweet. The last of my pasta was used as a side and so was the rest of the chef's potato bean salad. Tomorrow is Thursday and those syllables sound so sweet rolling of my tongue. Deep breath and exhale. Good night.

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