Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something Fishy

So I had the pleasure of dining with my colleagues this evening. Yes, meeting season has begun. Here at home they feasted on home made fish cakes, noodle salad, some of what seems to be hijiki with gobo and possibly some soy beans. The rice seems to have been infused with some kind of seaweed flavouring, this is called furi kake in japanese and is a very nice rice additive.
Interestingly enough, in Japan adding something like that or a pickled plum (umeboshi) to your rice is totally on the up an up where as a light sprinkling of soy sauce is frowned on. The explanation was that rice was too delicious to put anything so crass as soy sauce on it yet into the same mouth that those words spouted from would be shovelled rice covered in furikake. I wonder if I will ever get that one. One more day till this school week is over and I am fully ready for a nice relaxing weekend of making salsa, bringing in the rest of the ripe and semi ripe veggies from the garden, planning for next week, marking and whatever else is on the agenda. At least I can mostly wake up when I want. Come on Thursday.

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sleep(y) student said...

Could we have the fishcake recipe?