Thursday, September 11, 2008

Left overs sort of

Phew, that was a killer week. I am totally thrashed. Post dinner I literally poured myself into the couch only to come to suddenly two hours later. I had slept through the kids watching videos on both the tv and the computer. Still feeling it.

Other than being tired down to the bone, I was also quite satisfied after having a great meal. The miso soup had some nice spring onions sprinkled in. The son said he didn't like the things that look like donuts, the spring onions. Such a cute paraphrase. His second day at school went well and he had some tales to tell. Apparently there is some kind of art project with a set of eyes on it. Looking forward to seeing his first school craft. Getting back to dinner the salad was just chopped cucumbers and tomatoes. These being the last of the cucumbers and with the threat of frost the last of the picked ready to eat tomatoes I really really savoured them. This evenings main dish was Oyako don, its been done before. The chicken and egg stew/sauce served over rice. I picked up the chicken last night on the way out of the meeting. Heck someone had to take it and the president kept saying that she needed someone to take it because she couldn't finish it and there was no room in her fridge, no I'm not going to feel guilty. It was delicious, nuff said.

After the post dinner nap and watching a video we ended up having fresh salsa and humus with nacho chips. There was also some pudding served up. A lovely way to start the weekend. Hope you are all well.

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