Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I think it happened on a Monday

So I am not sure what we had for dinner on Monday night. I sit here wednesday morning wracking my brain but nothing seems to come. Was it leftovers from the shepherds pie? I think that might have been it. Was there something else added in. There must have been. It was after the big run... Well if I had the picture I could take a look but that is still at home on the computer. Man! Just not feeilng brainful. Wait there was Nimono which I didn't end up having any of. But that played in lunch yesterday. Maybe that was it. Nimono, left over shep's pie, and a salad. Yes a green salad which the daughter just went right through. Okay I sticking with that. If there was something else amazing added then it has just slipped through my mind and I apologize. I promise to add the pictures when I have a moment.
okay I missed the rice. but otherwise just as stated.and here is the nimono. Yosh.

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