Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slooooooooow Day

So it was Saturday all day, still is as a matter of fact. I guess we did get some stuff done. The apples all got picked. We got a box of pretty good apples for keeping and all the drops, bug holes and bird damaged apples that were still in good shape were made into apple sauce. Once you start canning it is hard to stop. We are down to 9 lids remaining from the original 48. I also made a batch of crazy hot salsa today with the remaining, jalapenos, chillis, and the three jabanero's. Four big jars and 2 small jars. The hits just keep on coming. We also cleaned up the garden a bit, just a bit, pulling out the squash and cucumber plants. There were about 6 small to medium sized cucumbers left on the vine and these six squash.
With only 6 this year I do not know how far they will stretch. Hopefully there will still be one for thanksgiving dinner. As for dinner in the background of the first picture you can see te-maki sushi. The wife's great pun to night , "goo ga nai ha no goo". Goo is the japanese word for ingrediants, so goo ga nai means no ingrediants. ha is pronounced "wa" and is a japanese particle that you don't need to worry about. "no goo" is a japanesified way of saying no good which you might actually here in you live in Japan. So altogether we have , no ingrediants is no good. With the word play on the double meaning of "goo". There the lesson ends. In fact there was plenty of goo and it was very goo but when comparing things with how her mother does it I can see why she worries. The key point I try to emphasize is that we are a family of four, two of which are mostly satisfied with one ingrediant rolls and then just eating the seaweed. So yeah it was an awesome dinner as usual.

Cute moment for the kids today. They are sitting watching a Japanese animated movie for the first time. They are both seated in front of the computer. The opening theme song is playing and they are clapping along, in time, totally engrossed. A really precious moment.

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