Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feta Finds its Footing

Well the wife started this evenings dinner with lovely green salad. The organic mini spinach, some of our last cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and the Feta cheese to which we owe this evenings title. My obviously better half has made up her mind that we always need to have mushrooms, avocados, and feta cheese in the fridge. We need other stuff too but these three have become staples in our house hold. So Feta has made its mark.
Up next this evening was garlic bread. I started with some homegrown garlic which is less hot making it palatable to the kids. This was crushed and mixed with margarine. I sliced the loaf in half lengthwise and spread the mixture on both sides. This is where I strayed. I did not wrap the whole thing in tinfoil. Instead I put the two slices face up on a cookie tin. I baked it on 400 for about 6 minutes and then grilled it for about 2, on the middle shelf. A little crispy on top and the garlic was a little cooked. The kids loved it. Which meant the main course was not as well attended.

For the main this evening I made a pasta pork slices. I started off with the pork, onions and garlic in the big pot being gently sauteed in some vegetable oil. As they sizzled and then simmered with the lid on I processed the tomatoes and strained off most of the water. These were then added with basil, oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Finally I diced up the peppers and threw them in. I forgot the mushrooms, damn. It was still delish and I get to have it again for lunch. Back to the grind stone. Well that is 2 of 40 weeks down. Only 38 left.

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