Friday, September 12, 2008

25 and a half

Sort of like Fellinis 8 and a half only mine is in litres of salsa and his, well who the heck knows what Fellini was ever talking about. Today was a salsa day. I started with the run to the local organic producer for the toms (roma), corn, peppers, cilantro and watermelon with orange flesh (not for salsa just for eating). I also picked up assorted sweet onions and hot peppers at another local produce grower. As the first pot got to bubbling I realised I did not have any lids so off I went to extra foods, sold out, home hardware, sold out, buy low foods, sold out, and finally overwaitea, right there on the shelf and on sale. This second trip was by bike and took about an hour in total what with running into people as you do in a small town. Not that I crashed into anyone, just had a couple of conversations along the way. So it was back home and get the first batch into jars and into the canner. These done I started the second batch. This time with no heat, you know, for the kids. We are now cruising around 2:30 and said kids head off for a birthday party at the skating rink. By the time they make it home 2 and a half hours later I am onto spicy batch number two. After this was processed we kind of had dinner and then I started on kids batch number two. At about 9:00 pm, 11 hours after starting, with lots of little breaks in between, the kitchen looked like this.
So now that it is all cleaned up and the salsas are all labelled and I am thrashed I plan to wake the wife and watch a movie. La vita bella, life is beatiful. Only that wasn't Fellini's.

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