Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barely the will to live

Man it is only a four day work week but the part that should be on Friday is packed into the other days. So by the time we get to Thursday we have actually done five days worth of work. As a result I am totally shwacked by the time I get home Thursday after noon. The result, I have nothing to give in the dinner help department and tend to indulge in snack foods. Not that anyone here seems to mind. A dinner of cheesy nacho's with homemade guacamole and salsa, bowls of ice cream, cookies, dill pickle chips and all that after having slurpees on the way home. The wife did put together a wonderful tofu infused yaki soba. This was all the base that was necessary for this evenings meal. Honestly, anything more solid and I wouldn't have had the energy to chew it. Well, I have had a sort of 30 min post dinner nap so am functioning again. Gonna be a busy weekend. Gotta get the rest of the wood chopped, tonnes of planning and marking for work, tomorrow is pizza night so that is also on the agenda. Lots brewing here. If anyone is going to make it for pizza please give me at least 3 hours notice so I can increase the amount of dough. Your all welcome.

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