Saturday, September 27, 2008

No Pictures, No Comments

So we were out for dinner this evening thus the lack of pictorial evidence of what we ate. We had roast beef and the little piggy had none. Our friends who live down the street, daughters classmate and his dad, had us over for dinner. The kids ran around and we sat and chatted while the roast roasted. Lovely green salad with a balsamic vinegar and oil dressing. He too uses the parmesan cheese and to good effect. We brought the rest of the brownies over and they were gobbled up for dinner.

As for the rest of the day I managed to pick up some painting stuff, tie downs, and a cross country ski set (boots, skis and poles) from the next door garage sale. Then we went to pick up our thanksgiving turkey from the swimming pool. This may make you wonder. It should. The swimming club sells organic turkeys as its fund raiser so this year we are eating organic come the middle of October. We plan to pick up a big one for Christmas. Their largest size is 26 pounds and it comes in at around $60 but we think you're worth it. Sent off the $700 deposit for the Honky Tonk lodge so it is game on. Other than that I did a little school work, the son went for a bike ride, the wife did various tasks integral to the functioning of our household. Well tomorrow is a big work day. Gotta get me marked up and ready for the interviews next week. Here is to hoping Wednesday from 2:30 to 8:00 goes well.

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Dora said...

Should we all send you $70 each for the deposit? Rachel and I were talking and it looks like ten adults are in so it would be divided by ten...
Let me know.
I need to send you $200 for the RESPs so it would be great if I could throw the $70 in then.
YEAH!!!! We are a vacationing family this year.