Sunday, September 28, 2008

Corn something

So the wife had a great idea for dinner tonight. It came in the form of a recipe from a book or magazine. It was some kind of fish dish where the fish was placed over a bed of corn, not bread, but perhaps ... i don't know oatmeal. Now I am not a big corn bread believer to begin with but this just didn't fly. However, the roasted chicken, potatoes, yams, and garlic were other worldly. The daughter went to town on the salad and actually finished it off. Nice spinach and cilantro combination with some feta cheese dashed on top. There was no dessert. We did have some snacks this afternoon. I made a fresh salsa with a half an apple. It was sweet and oh so delicious. I actually drank down the remaining salsa after the cheesy nacho chips were finished. Mmmm. Well that was the weekend. Hopefully we will be able to keep it going this week.

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