Monday, September 1, 2008

The next best thing

So we woke early this morning after a late night chatting with my sis and her husbabe (her spelling not mine). When we made the half failed dinner plans last night we also decided to put on a breakfast and this was well received and had the feeling of a meal for guests, which it was. We had french toast made with our home made bread accompanied by whipped cream and maple syrup or ketchup depending on ones preferences, the good sausages from overwaitea, a nicely balanced fruit salad and some juice. We didn't get any coffee on and since there would have only been one taker and she politely declined, I think that was okay. We all tucked in and all the french toast and most of the sausages were finished. I believe this was a good sign. After breakfast we had a short chance to visit and then our guests were off on their Okanogan adventure. It all happened so quickly. We love it when people come to visit and for those of you out there take note. Two nights should be the minimum. You need to be here long enough to get bored. This is the last shot taken just before they headed out. You will notice the son has lost his shirt. In our seemingly endless quest to get him potty trained he now prefers to be without most of his clothes. When he is naked he does manage to get to the bathroom but those are still dice I am leary to roll. And really how practical is that. If he only remembers to use the washroom when he is not wearing botttoms then how do you work that into a pre-school setting. "You said he couldn't wear diapers, " or "he is a free spirit." Anyway you slice it he will have to figure this one out with his pants on. Fingers crossed.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Breakfast ruled. So did dinner but we had to eat the damn tacos didn't we? Great time -thanks for hosting us! Heart you guys, Chris and Rachel
ps. Kohei looks like a gangster in that pic. I love it.