Monday, September 1, 2008

The best laid plans

My sister and brother in law had made plans to stop here for the night on their way to a holiday in the Okanogan. My wife and I had made plans to fete them with a feast. We made home made fresh salsa. The wife whipped up her famous korokke and I brought out the pizza oven. The salsa was grand with some pureed apple and some mashed up avocado. My friends mini purple hot hot peppers added just the right amount of picante. The korokke were baked this evening rather than deep friend and were just as delicious and much healthier. For the pizza I tried the technique my wife brought home from her day job. Instead of making a pizza sauce I just pureed some of our tomatoes, strained off the juice and put them right on the dough. This was followed by cheese and then toppings or toppings and then cheese depending on how I felt. The toppings included bbq chicken, onion, mushroom, hot peppers, feta cheese, arugula and pineapple. There was no all in pizza. The kids ate pineapple and chicken and the adults had various combinations of the aforementioned ingredients. Of course the guests were already quite full when they got here as they had had a long day and had to eat something before they rolled in. That is quite all right and I hold no grudge. They did try some of everything and gave it all a thumbs up which felt pretty nice. We didn't even crack a bottle of wine which for those of you in the know shows just how tired and full they must have been when they got here. After a nice evening talking music, poker, schooling, our bun in the oven and various other topics everyone has now hit the hay. To which I will add myself directly. Hopefully we get some pics of breakfast tomorrow. Later.

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