Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Then there was Tuesday

So last night I was not able to get to the blog either. I was able to make it to dinner and once again I was in luck. We had spaghetti with meat sauce. Fresh tomatoes were used sparingly and I felt there could have been much more splashed around in the pot. However, the flavour was awesome. The garlic bread never materialized. The wife gave the old, "oh the garlic bread!" during dinner but none of us were fooled by her subtle ruse. We were also not fooled by her not so subtle coleslaw. An action packed whamo of vinegar and a majority of greens lead to an interesting variation. I have become quite accustomed to her creamy slaw. This was more along the lines of a KFC slaw, infinitely better but along those lines. Lets hear it for variety. There were also some pickled eggplant which was also quick action packed taste wise. A step out for the wife or are the fickle taste buds having some affect. Have to wait and see on that one.

Speaking of something new today was the son's first day at Pre-school. Apparently he was a little hesitant at the door when mom was leaving but she fired the old, "your friend Matthew is here so it will be alright." and he bought it. He went off to play and the wife went off to get on with her afternoon. He did manage to have an accident at school so we are hoping that is not repeated on Thursday or our claims of having him toilet trained will come into question. I hate being questioned, on anything. So fingers are crossed.

Sorry this and the last post are out of order. I am chronologically challenged unlike some of my sisters.


Rachel Catriona said...

we can't all be good chronologists.

poor kohei. life is tough.

i canned peaches last night and made frozen yogourt a couple nights ago. the fro you is amazing. ask katy.

then, tonight, i made a big salad to last me the next couple dats. couscous,chick peas, red pepper, cucumber, dried apricot, hazlenuts, parsley. delish.

well... this is rather long for a comment... and i should really go for some exercise as i had to go a a breakfast thing and couldn't work out then... bye

Rachel Catriona said...

maybe i am too tired for the workout? upon review of my spelling on my previous comment i think so.