Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Day

I just re read the whole e-mail exchange that happened today. I had been feeling that I had perhaps been too hasty on pulling the plug. The way it reads to me though it seemed like the most common opinion was get out while the getting is good. And the getting will be real good here in Grand Forks. What none of you realise is this was all a giant ploy by me to get you all to my house. This way I don't have to drive and you have to watch movies on my tiny 27 inch TV. I do promise to upgrade my VCR so that everyone's voices aren't 2 octaves lower. And the internet is high speed now. We even make coffee for those who drink it. (note. patrons must bring their own coffee grounds and not complain when we either make it too weak or burn it. Even better. There is the kitchen, make it yourself.) At least we have a coffee maker. So yeah water under the bridge. We will save the big getaway for a year that Joey and Dave can make it, yeah lets blame it on Joey. If only we didn't love her so much she would make a great scape goat. We loves ya Joey. xoxoxo. So in a totally unrelated story we had dinner this evening.

The wife's official name was, "meat loaf in a frying pan." I was about to call her out and say it was a hamburger but it wasn't. It was frying pan meatloaf. And it was good. The broccoli and cheese sauce was also very very nice. The salad was cucumber, tomato and plum. No one under the age of 7 thought that plums in the salad was kosher. Come to think of it I don't think it is. However, it was a novel and enjoyable taste switch. I also enjoyed the baked squash. Only yesterday that squash had a face painted on it and was then stuck with pins not unlike a voodoo doll. And today it made for good eatin. After arriving back from work session two I had chips with some of the crazy hot salsa. Let me tell you, in a month or two it will be four alarm hot. Just gotta let those oils ooze out of the seeds. All in all a good eating night. We have the parent-teacher interview for the daughter tomorrow. Fingers are crossed.

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