Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eating Late

So this was day two of the wife getting out and working. We ate leftovers for lunch, did dishes, jumped on the tramp and then spent some time on the free wood pile. Last night on the way to our friends house we passed a pile of wood in a trailer with a "free wood" sign. So we called and happened to be the first to call. This morning it was dropped off at the side of the drive way and after mom went to work it was one of the jobs. As I sawed up the branches that were too long to fit in the stove the kids played on the pile. The played on it, after I made it a little safer than the original humble jumble from tossing it off the trailer. Then I tried to split some of it using my splitting maul, no dice. So then I went to the splitting maul followed by the sledge hammer. A little more success but this is not going to be easy. The rounds are probably 2 and half feet across and that is a little more than I am used to. But free is free so I ain't complaining. After, I threw in the towel the kids kept playing and I went inside and continued reading "the ominvores dilemma" and read that well into the evening. It was about 7:30 when the daughter finally roused me from my enraptured state and talked me into making some curry with her. With the last of the daylight we went out and got some more peppers and tomatoes. Then we made a vegetarian curry. We did use canned brown and black beans but I think I can defer to the industrial food machine enough to used canned beans. And really I would have to work so much harder in the garden to be able to make enough food to keep us in canned goods all year. Although reading Mr Pollans book has me really thinking about becoming a sustainable farmer. It just sounds so cool. If only I had a thousand acres divided fifty fifty between forest and grasslands, 100 head of cattle, 200 head of pig, various barns and farming implements, and 3 grown children who were interested in sticking around and keeping the farm running. I would also like to have someone who is licensed to butcher animals, someone who can make good cheese out of raw milk, someone who can make tofu out of soy beans, someone who is mechanically inclined and a group of people who are interested in consuming all of my fare locally so that I don't have to worry about getting my produce sold. If only. Well who the heck knows, life takes some pretty strange twists. Heck I could even grow my own wheat and make 100 percent home made pizza. Gotta figure out how to make my own yeast and salt. Those could be problematic. Back to dinner. This is the son plowing through his bowl of curry and rice.
He had just woken up from a three hour nap. I thought the smile looked pretty realistic. That is it for tonight. Lovin the produce.

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