Friday, September 19, 2008


Well we made pizza tonight. It is Friday after all. First up you can see the dough getting set up. After I get it smooth enough and not so sticky then I hand it over to the kids. While I wash the bowl, they keep it going. The sauce this evening was made from some of the last tomatoes we will be picking this year. It was nice.
We went with a bunch of veggies for the adults and the ham and pineapple for the kids. The wife also fried up some steak for the second pizza. The kids pizza this evening turned out really well. The adult pizza on the other hand was overloaded with fresh veggies and with the thin crust turned a little soggy in the middle. There was also a salad made but I think only the wife partook. It was a good day in that I got the rest of the free fire wood chopped and stacked. It looks like we have a cord. We need at least two for the winter. Where or where will I find another cord of wood. I guess it is time to start asking people if they know someone who cuts fire wood. The awesome guys I had last year are in the midst of building a house. Rats. I also managed to get two sets of tests marked and went for a bike ride with the daughter. So all in all good day.


Rachel Catriona said...

Nice goat there! And wicked looking kid pizza.

Allison said...

Did you know that in your lables the following items are big recurring things:


i want to live at your house!

Fall Garlic said...

Lots of pork, BBQ is also a big hitter. But hey, thanks for noticing. Makes me feel loved.