Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dinner Out

So we had dinner at our friends house this evening but this getting ahead of things. The wife had her first day of work today. She is volunteering at the local organic bakery to learn the trade, get out of the house, and try something new. During the morning I was in charge of the kidlets and after doing the dishes we went to the school to drop of some stuff and pick up some stuff. The daughter rode her gear bike and she can really cook now. We raced at one point and with me pulling the trailer I actually gave up and she won. She still tips over sometimes on starting and stopping but seems to really like the big kid effect and we can make much more miles on the average trip. After we arrived back home it was time for lunch so we went out to the garden and harvested some tomatoes and peppers for salsa and pasta sauce.

I made two varieties of salsa, one hot one not. The key to the deliciousness of the salsa was that I strained off a lot of the tomato juice which made nice tomato juice and made the salsa thicker and scoopier. The pasta was served with a really simple, onion, garlic, oregano, tomato sauce. All from fresh. I added an avocado to the salsas and that was pretty much all I wanted for lunch. Now you might be wondering at the extraordinary output for lunch. Well we had dinner plans. Our friends had invited us over for dinner. This was a wonderful feast. I brought some sangria which I won as a door prize at a meeting I had to attend. The fruit and wine combination was perfect on a warm late summer evening. We had our first glass as we sat outside shucking the corn and make horrible puns. The corn on the cob was cooked to perfection, they even put out the whole bar of butter to properly get your cob covered. Definitely a nice touch. The chicken wings were done in a teriyaki sauce and perfectly complimented the home made Cesar salad, with freshly cooked turkey bacon bits. Accompanied by a side of white rice it was a great way to spend an evening with friends. We started the summer having dinner at their house and now we have put the summer to bed with them as well. The topper to this meal was the chocolate cheesecake topped with strawberries. My affection/affliction for cheesecake is well documented. I just love it. Now we should have a picture of dinner but I am waiting on the e-mail with that. When I get it you will see it.

It has arrived.

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