Saturday, July 12, 2008

Worth 1000 words

Or $12.60 with the coupon. Lets face it it could have been worse. We could have purchased the whole meal. As I was driving home I had this thought drift through my head, "Am I the only person who eats this chicken?" I vaguely recall the last time we had this chicken both children being impressed with the purchase but unimpressed with the product. The wife isn't big into the fast/processed foods so I think I finished most of the last 10 piecer we bought. So yeah I was a little nervous that this was a "me" meal and I had helped no one but myself. Fortunately, this turned out not to be true. The son gobbled two and half pieces and the wife and daughter combined finished off the same. There are two pieces left so you do the math. It wasn't all about me. Also with the sides the meal was very nice. Tomatoes and cucumbers sliced and dressed in soy sauce and vinegar. Simple but a kid favourite. Tomorrows sushi rice, note sushi can come in a big bowl. This type of sushi is called chirashi sushi. No rolls, some shrimp and vegetables chopped in. Served cold it has a nice sweet and vinegary flavour. It looks something like a chinese food fried rice but the tastes have nothing in common. To finish off this evenings meal there was some left over home made chow mein. So even though I broke down at my end of the dinner spectrum the rest of the team pulled through and made it a meal. Tomorrow is birthday party number 2. Fingers are crossed for the weather.

We also had a garage sale today. That was great. Put up the signs around 8 and moved everything that was left into the free pile at 11:30. Made a little bit of money. Nothing compared to the daughter who raked it in looking cute and selling the half of her stuffed animals that we forced her to cull. She was hesitant until she got her first $0.50. After that she kept saying, "Dad, tell them I am in charge of the stuffies." She had recognized that when people knew she was in charge they were more inclined to give her the sympathy buy. One lady who wasn't even garage saleing had to stop and buy some because she looked so forlorn sitting behind her display with no one buying anything. Her profit was about 50% of the rest of the family's but her percent sold and profit per item were way ahead of us. She even managed to get some money for some kids books that were in the free pile. People just couldn't stop giving her money. Well that is a good feeling of clean for the house. We have been planning it for a while and didn't really do a hard target search of every item we haven't used in the last two years. I also didn't pull the trigger on a lot of duplicate items, you know one may break and then I would have to buy a new one. Next time I don't think I will get away with that. Anyways, good day, some wicked kite flying and soccer/hockey/basketball this afternoon. Hope to see you here tomorrow. Beers will be cold and food will be cooking by 4:30. Kids will be playing sometime around 3:00. Its gonna be good.

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