Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Part 2

So we managed to pull off a second wicked party. This was a family affair and we had something for everyone. Children of all ages, 3 to 40 something ish. Fabulous food fun and games. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. To start with there was a cake. This cake was finished last night while I simultaneously played in a free online poker tournament, which I also happened to win. Wife-ola baked the cake and I was in charge of decoration. The problem with the cake was making five cups of fire engine red icing. This was as close as we could get to fire engine red. I think it turned out reasonably. Once again my photography skills leave something to be desired and do not capture the true essence of the cake. It was delicious and fun and we gave out quite a bit of seconds. Which were in turn finished. Good on us. The wife also whipped up a whale of a menu for this afternings affair. There were both pork and chicken shishkabobs. They were wickedly tasty and we will be making them again tomorrow so we can have some. Did not plan out the servings appropriately and didn't realise they would be as big a hit as they were. There was also a big bowl or chirashi sushi which went over well. Some of our guests not only knew what chirashi sushi was but had had it on more than on occasion. Fill in the rest of the gaps were a solid pasta salad. A green bean salad made with some of the last fresh green beans on earth or at least in Grand forks and the requisite chips and dip. Finally there was some watermelon which leads nicely into the next part of the party. We played some games at todays party and they all ended rather abruptly. The popping a balloon by sitting on it went as fast as I have ever seen. Older kids make for quick popping. Then the suika wari (break the watermelon ) actually worked and the second kid out the gate cracked that sucker clean in half. Everyone else had a go with the larger half of the watermelon and we had two more direct strikes. Gotta get a much softer bat next year. Anyways, between trampolining, water sliding, cake eating, present opening and beer drinking (mostly by the dads) we wiled away a Sunday afternoon. Every one had fun and left with either a smile on their face or a loot bag (many had both). Party season is over and now we start mentally readying ourselves for the trip to Japan. Oh, its gonna be good.

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