Friday, July 11, 2008

Easy on the Cheesey

So this was the wife's request this evening. A pizza without cheese. It seemed so outrageously sacrilegious (which doesn't spell anything like religion and gave me a lot of trouble until I finally went to the spell checker) that I could only do a half pizza with no cheese. Strangely though it was awesome. The pepper salami was so much more vibrant when not smothered by cheesey goodness. Now lets not rush to any conclusions. My pizzas will still have cheese on them. However, I am commited to using a lot less cheese. And occasionally we will have some pizza al fresco. We also used the bbq this evening. With the hijacked pizza stone we are getting the good texture on the bottom of our crust. The bbq cannot do the whole job so I am still bringing them in for a quick broil before serving them. I like that slightly crisped up top. A little brown on the crust. Overall, my timing was off this evening -- what with not using the oven or a timer and experimenting with different temp settings -- and some of the pizzas were a little doughy. My daughter went through a whole little speech and was building towards the dough not being fully cooked only to finish with, "but I like it." Phew!

There were no accompaniments with this evenings dinner. It was a busy day. Summer does strange things to the timing of your average day. Yesterday was refixing the bathroom faucet and finding all the places I hadn't done it properly. Like most fix jobs I do I started just trying to do a little here or a little there so that I wouldn't have to take the whole thing apart. I found a piece that had to be replaced after trying to tighten it 3 different times, between 4-7 minutes each time. So that took a big chunk of time but the kids got to play at the park. After arriving back home I did the right thing and took it all apart back to the start and did it all properly and finally finished only to realise that the piece I needed to attach to, which was not replaced in this current episode, was now dripping. It was a small but expensive piece and had a small drip. I got a bucket and had some dinner.

So this is how these summer days get away from me. I mean I took the whole day today cleaning out the garage and getting ready for our garage sale tomorrow. And I am still no where near ready. Tomorrow is another day.

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