Monday, July 21, 2008

They like Me

Just like Sally Fields at the Academy Awards I feel so great. The validation from getting an amazing gift from your siblings is quite awesome. I suspected some of them knew what I was about in the past but they completely brought it home again with the awesome birthday gift I received. A brand new Pizza Oven. Brings a tear to my eye. So with this awesome gift I had to break it out once before going to Japan and we did that tonight. The wife whipped up the sauce and dough while I went trolling for some guests and another pizza peal. Both could conveniently be found on the same block of the same street directly across from each other. If that wasn't fate I don't know what is. With peal and guests in hand, or more correctly in car, we headed for home and within minutes of arrival (note, minutes can mean anything under an hour) there was some pizza baking. We did manage to snap a picture of the last slice but I can tell you and everyone can attest that there were five pizzas made this evening. Toppings included, pineapple, mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, feta cheese and ground turkey. They were used in different combinations and everyone seemed to be quite full when they left. Phew. There was also an amazing guacamole and chips as well as a green salad. The beer this evening was Sleeman's cream ale and we managed to put back 11 of 12. Pretty good odds and an awesome way to finish our time here in Vancouver. We head out tomorrow for Japan and look forward with glee and trepidation. I do know how to speak Japanese, don't I? Time will tell.


Rachel Catriona said...

Bravo on the pizza. Bravo.
Garlic + Feta = awesome
I would go nab myself a pizza oven... except it would have to live on our deck. And I don't think Italian electronics could endure our wet winter.

sleep(y) student said...

I am terribly jealous... not just for missing the time together but that pizza looked GREAT and now I want some:(((