Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The longest day

So thiswas the longest day ever. We started in Vancouver at about 6 am and finally went to bed in Japan the next day at 6 am, Vancouver time. It was a good day, the kids slept in the plane, the trains all connected. However, 10 hours in a plane is more than this cowboy needs. We actually managed to have five meals today but we are going to consider the last meal as dinner. The plane food wasn't bad. The adults had chicken then beef. The kids had noodles and cheese then the daughter had a rice dish and the son had noodles in sauce. At both meals the kids got a wicked brownie and at both meals they barely touched it. I also managed to put back a few ceasars on the plane and I was feeling no pain. That was then.
As for Dinner here at the Hirano's house we had te-maki sushi. We also got some really nice gyoza. The te-maki was authentic as they had the cupid mayonaise and fresh sashimi. I made some of my favourite lettuce maki and with the kagoshima soy sauce it was like I had stepped back into 1997. Good times.Oh it was good. We played a little after dinner and all the kids got to know each other. Shota is great. Soooo cute. We are here for another night and then we head off for the Kag. Having a good time in Tokyo. We made it.

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Dora said...

So great that you are posting from Japan! I will be checking back often.