Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dinner and Incident

Well one of my little sisters invited us over for dinner this evening. We really invited ourselves over but she was gracious enough not to point that out, even after the incident, but more about that later. The dinner was a feast. Our lovely hostess had made turkey dogs for the kids and pork chops roasted after being dressed in five spices. Lovely and simple. She also made the family favourite. Veggies and dip. Our contribution was green tea and giseng Arizona (Drunk exclusively by myself, too sweet for wife and grand ma trumped me with carbonated juice for the kids) Cheese and Jalapeno flavoured Pringles ( I missed the jalapenos in the store so once again mostly consumed by myself), bits and bites (not really consumed) and watermelon (not really consumed but left for our hostess who cannot bring it home herself due to its weight). So my poor shopping added nothing of consequence to the dinner. Well done by me again.
As for the incident lets just say there was copious folex (carpet spot and stain remover) and paper towel used, along with some scent neutralizer. My son spent some time in the bathroom acting like a forlorn puppy. Rightfully so. However, after the trip to London Drugs and some good old elbow grease we think the problem has been sufficiently resolved. I have offered to buy a mini carpet shampooer. Hostess was far too kind in turning down the offer. I will leave it open for a week, just in case. Big dinner at the beach tomorrow, although with the Folk Fest we may need to change venue. Whoops. hee hee.

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