Monday, July 14, 2008

The Shish Returns

So since we were shut out last night on the shish kabobs we made them again tonight. Very worth while. The garlic, soy, honey et al marinade only had a few hours rather than over night but the pork still turned out very well. I unfortunately didn't cut the chunks small enough so we didn't intersperse with veggie chunks. Our worry was that the meat wouldn't be done or the veggies would be super burnt. As you can see we ended up doing the spears separately and we're damn glad we did. The tomatoes were awesome and the mushrooms were a perfect complement to the pork. There was also some sushi leftovers as a side and it was just as good today as it was yesterday. After dinner we all had a chuppa chup. (loot bag left overs) and now the kids are in the bath. You have to check out this video. This is a card my son got for his birthday. It is easily the best card I have ever seen and we have now listened to it at least a hundred times. I think there is something especially inviting about being able to wind it and make it go.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Who sent the card?? Three cheers for awesomeness.