Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Curry with a plan

So we are back in business. With three days worth of meals left to eat in Grand Forks we have actually made a three day plan. I knew we had it in us and we did. So today, the first day, was a pork curry. We didn't eat all of the good pork yesterday so we chopped the rest of it up, fried it with garlic, ginger and assorted spices and made curry. Mmmmmmmm.... curry. I think the coconut milk is the key to making a nice mild curry that kids are willing to eat. That and not adding to much paprika. It was served over rice. It was served at various times as various members of our family took in various parts of the four mustketeers return. Or some such title. C thomas howell, richard chamberlain, the gladiator trainer from gladiator, kim cattral as the bad guy(girl). Total fluff that makes you wonder how they decide to dole out money for making movies. Anyways we enjoyed another day in paradise, swam at the river, put away the water slide, didn't do much else. Tomorrow we have big plans. More of the same.

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