Sunday, July 6, 2008

Post Party Blues

So the day after the party we were definitely on the downward part of the wave. To say it was a slow day would be a bit of an understatement. We really didn't do much. I mean we did swim in the river and both the parents got in their morning run. The water slide got put away and some laundry was laundered. Still it was a slow day. Once again we planned to get some take out and once again we reneged and bought some groceries. We had to get grocs for our camping trip tomorrow and the next day so I got some chicken to cook up this evening as well. Damn chicken breasts with the bone in take for ever on the bbq. They are great when they are done but they sure take their sweet time. They were devoured in short order after they were served up. We plan to take some potato salad camping with us so that was made with extra for this evenings meal. About half of that was eaten as well. Then we cut up the watermelon. We are watermelon people. The small fridge downstairs will partially freeze an orange so you can imagine the almost crystalized form the watermelon was in when it was sliced open. Perfect. Along with the Sol it was a magnificent dessert. As for the next two days we plan to take pictures and will dutifully up load whatever we take when we get home and have a chance. Garage sale this Saturday. Starts at 7:00am. Early birds will be shot.

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Allison said...

you are the only people who have to push themselves to get take out. you are awesome. seriously. i'm in awe of you both.